Why The Write Brothers?

The Value of ‘Smart Stories’

We have planned carefully to ensure that workshops link specifically to parts of the curriculum that need support.

Many children find writing challenging. They may not see writing as important or useful for their lives. They can lack experience to fuel imagination, which means they may not remain captivated by sustained writing. We strive to support children to develop these skills through our work. This is important because literacy and story writing:

  • opens children’s eyes to new people, places, or new ways of thinking which they might not otherwise encounter
  • gives children a safe space to explore their own emotions and reactions to the world around them
  • creates a positive attitude to creativity and less fear of failure
  • creates satisfaction in being able to manipulate language to craft something beautiful or to express an idea
  • enables children to communicate more confidently and clearly in written and verbal ways

We want to stop creative writing being a daunting task and become something children look forward to, take pleasure and satisfaction from throughout their lives.

This is why we use film as an active medium through which learning takes place. Through acting out their own stories, we give children a clear incentive, and excuse, to experiment with language outside of their comfort zone.

A Lasting Impact

We aim to have a lasting impact on children and schools. We want to help schools develop confident young writers. In order to do this, we research and use new and interesting ways of helping children enjoy and benefit from literacy, challenging the status quo and giving teachers new ideas about how they can improve their own practice. To this end, we also offer staff meetings to share our research and to allow the whole staff to benefit from a visit from The Write Brothers.