Staff Training & INSET

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As well as supporting children in their literacy, we also run training to provide new ideas and inspiration for school staff.

We demonstrate and explain the principles and research that our workshops are founded on, so as to support teachers of literacy in any way possible. Many of the ideas written about in our research blog posts are demonstrated and discussed.

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For more details, please use our contact form. If there is a specific area of story writing or telling that you would like use to focus on, then please ask, we’d love to be able to help.

Some of the areas we cover in staff training:
– Combating lack of imagination
– How to inspire children to write
– Using tension in stories
– Basing stories on real life, and why this matters
– Find alternatives to the ‘story mountain’
– Why some children always want to write about zombies,
and how this can be a good thing
– Dealing with those children who are ‘stuck’
– How to use green screen in the classroom
– How drama can help support writing


“Smart Stories gave brand new ideas to challenge the ‘agreed way of doing things’  and question the status quo.”  Literacy Co-ordinator, Solihull