School Visits

What happens in our workshops?

Our workshops are all about providing children with a reason to write. All parts of our workshops have a strong focus on story development, the enjoyment of literacy and strengthening confidence in exploring language, and are clearly linked to the aims of the National Curriculum. Children will spend a full day creating, writing, and filming their own stories. After the workshop the children’s work will edited together into a final piece, and made available to the school for the children to watch.

Option 1: (1 to 6 classes per day)
Our pre-planned story workshop, following a Pirate theme, suitable for R/KS1.

Option 2: (1 to 6 classes per day)
Our flexible workshops, which follow a theme of your choice, suitable for KS1 or KS2 (requires more notice).

A visit from Rufus and Reginald can include:

  • Modelling of story narration and acting
  • Experimenting with the process of story planning
  • Acting out their story with a green screen and props (plus costumes if available for that topic)
  • Recording sound effects for their story
  • Writing and recording narration for their film
  • A lot of fun!

This is not designed to be just a one off session – weeks of work could be taught leading up to this event, with the workshop providing the culmination and evidence of their learning. Alternatively children can use their film as a springboard to continue writing with their teacher, which we can support with further visits thumbnail

We also aim to support teachers by researching and sharing new ways to develop story writing in their classroom. This will be part of the workshop, but we can also offer training sessions for staff meetings.


To be able to run our workshops successfully and to the greatest advantage to the children, we require a large space such as a school hall for the entire day, plus the availability of a classroom.

Please use our information request form for more details and bookings, or click here for pricing.