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Teachers say:

“The Smart Stories workshop was a beneficial experience for the children which enabled them to think more creatively about story writing, inspiring them and bringing their learning to life.” Y2 teacher, Yew Tree Primary School, Solihull

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to finish and played a hands on role in all aspects of the workshop. Reginald and Rufus have a fantastic rapport with the children and all pupils were engaged and interacting confidently with them throughout.” Y4 teacher, Solihull

“A great experience for the children – fab stimulus. More needed! Thank you.” Miss Dass, Y6 teacher, London

“The kids and teachers had so much fun. We all loved the green screen.” Mrs Gill, Y6, Londonwoman-613309_960_720.jpg

“The children were totally reeled in by this duo! …their imaginations were charged and jump started due to a most convincing story played out to them… A huge thank you!” Teaching staff member, West Midlands

“The Write Brothers are truly impressive! Their teaching backgrounds mean that they understand all children and are able to deliver high quality, engaging workshops that inspire children to write with purpose.   By combining script writing and filming, the Write Brothers gave our pupils an opportunity that they would never normally have.  I can genuinely say that there wasn’t anything they could have improved on. They are friendly, flexible, hardworking and amazing with all year groups, even Nursery!” Ms Thomas, Literacy Co-ordinator, Featherstone Primary School, London

Would definitely recommend as it was an excellent experience- professional company, quality product.’  Literacy Co-ordinator, Abbey Road Catholic Primary, Birmingham


FAQ: Ask a teacher

What did your children learn? Teachers say, “My children learned…

“…how important sounds and describing sounds in stories can be.’ Miss West, Y2 teacher, London.
“…how to visualise, perform and verbalise their literacy.’  Y4, teacher, London
“…how to plan, film and prepare a sound track for a scene.’ Y3, teacher London.
“…to act in character.’ Y2 teacher London
“…to work as a team, and that anything is possible! They made their own film! They felt writing about film was easy and different from using books.’
“…the importance of writing when acting/filming. They earned to think outside of the box, and to use different vocabulary.” Ms Chowdhury, Y4 teacher, London

What are the Write Brothers like? Teachers say “The Write Brothers…
“…are an exciting and fun way to encourage children to write!” Miss West, Y2 teacher, London.
“…produced a fantastic setup and were very personable and approachable for children and staff.” Y4 teacher, London
“…help to release the children’s potential.” Y2 teacher, London
“…inspired the children and helped them bring their writing to life.” Ms Volcere, Y4 teacher, London
“…were great fun to work with, you have left us inspired and we would love to work with you again – maybe a ‘wow’ starter in September?” Ms Bhogal, Y2 teacher, London
“…are very creative and had a great rapport with the children.” Y4 teacher, London

What is great about workshops with the Write Brothers?
“The variety of activities presented to children.”
“It’s hands on and interactive.”
“The props were a great stimulus.”
“They enjoyed making the film and writing.”
“All children were involved in all areas.”

What impact did the Write Brothers have on the children?
“Children came back with lots of ideas for writing.”
“Children could visualise and verbalise their writing to deepen their understanding.”
“The children were excited and motivated to use their imagination.”
“It added to their growing enthusiasm for writing.”
“Children felt free to experiment with words and ideas, using onomatopoeia and more.”
“The children felt inspired and enjoyed writing. They felt confident about using new vocabulary and could say how to up level sentences. They also worked well in groups improving their team building skills.”

FAQ: Ask the children

Children’s comments about working with the Write Brothers:
I felt really excited because we got to dress up and make films.
Thank you so much for an amazing experience.
I had fun in the sound testing but the film shooting wasn’t enough time!
I had fun working with you (Write Brothers). It was cool being in our own film.
My experience with the Write Brothers was amazing, they were very funny and dramatic, this day will definitely stay with me for life.
It was awesome to be filmed! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity!
The Write Brother experience was awesome! I love the fact that you could make your own story and act it out for your own film! I also liked them because they were really funny and made me laugh!
I had the most wonderful experience in my life!
It was a breathtaking experience!
It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, thank you so much for all you’ve done.
Your workshop was amazing – it taught us to let our imagination go wild. Thank you.
I had a great experience because I learnt how to make an actual horror film.
I had a great time today and it was a wonderful opportunity. I hope we get another time to meet you.  I had the best time.
The Write Brothers workshop was a great experience and the whole cast loved it so much!


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Royal Greenwich Time magazine, 26 May 2015 [ (pg 14-15)]:
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Smart Stories are to be part of the new Greenwich Literary festival:

Solihull News, 21 November 2014:
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Edge Magazine Online, November 2014:Screen Shot 11-11-14 at 08.12 PM

Express and Mail, November 2014:

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