About Us

Who are The Write Brothers?

The Write Brothers are the creation of two teachers who take the roles of Rufus and Reginald Write, travelling brothers who aim to support children and teachers by inspiring a love of crafting stories.

Our Aims:

  1. Inspire a love of stories by creating free story writing videos and resources to be used in schools.
  2. Visit schools to provide workshops for children and training for teachers – giving them ‘A Reason to Write’.
  3. Become ambassadors for the importance of children’s literacy and and for the power of stories to improve lives.

What we can offer you:

Writing Workshops:

Our writing workshops revolve around the use of film, green screen, costume, drama, and sound recording. We provide the first steps into an imagined world, carefully resourced to give children the necessary experience to develop their own stories. Across a single day, the children plan, write, star in, narrate, and provide sound effects for their own short film. Each section of the workshop focuses on improving their writing, widening their vocabulary, inspiring a love for stories and giving them a reason to write.


Our free video resources are a mixture of modelling, explanation and tips, presented by Rufus and Reginald in an engaging and exciting way. They are shared via our Youtube channel and have worksheets linked to be used by children to expand their understanding. Our channel also collects playlists of writing stimuli from around the internet, based on different themes. We also support and share resources and ideas about children’s literacy on our Facebook page.



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