Jack’s Horror Story

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 00.09.51Recently the Write Brothers were lucky enough to work with some children at the King Edwards Learning Hub at Birmingham Airport. Together we explored different ways of creating a horror story! We were delighted to receive an email from Jack Probyn, St Alphege Junior School, Aged 9. He explained that he had enjoyed our time together so much he had continued his horror story at home! He was kind enough to send it to us, and you can read it below… if you dare!!

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Jack’s story

An eyeball dances, glued onto the dilapidated, mossy walls of the desolate labyrinth. Shrivelled and blood-stained guts smother the creepy, grim ground. Suddenly a decomposed hand starts to drift towards me, out of a crack in the wall. Then a huge, grotesque, stone made monster emerges out of the miniature crack in the wall. The monster was splattered in blood and I was petrified! Will I be the next blood-covered gut, lying helplessly, dead?

I frantically searched through my pockets and the hair on my neck stood up. Eventually I found something that might help.

The monster was now 10 feet away…

I scrambled and pulled out an Xbox controller.

8 feet…

I could feel and hear my heart pounding, as loudly as an elephant.

6 feet…

My whole body was shaking as I fumbled open the battery case. I felt hope and also relief. However, I still knew that this monster would do all it could to make sure it gorged on me, tearing out my ribs and ripping out my lungs.

3 feet…I only had seconds to pull this off…

I now had the batteries in my hand, planning to electrocute this bloodthirsty beast. Suddenly I could feel his breath on the back of my head and I saw a shadow under my feet. I could imagine his nose flaring.

I span around and jumped quickly to the left to dodge the monster’s arm grabbing me. I sprinted to it and held the battery against his body. I waited for the cacophony of howling and wailing to begin as I thought the electricity would have kicked in by now…but it never came. Instead the monster turned round, a peculiar grin on his face. Once again panic rushed through me. I realised that the batteries had been dead.

I dropped the controller and the batteries…and ran…and ran…and ran. The hideous creature kept appearing through the cracks in the wall, forcing me to change direction. I knew that my death might come but I still felt determined to survive.

I was obviously going to come to a dead end soon. My legs were starting to ache when I had a glimpse of sunlight. I followed it and ahead of me was a little gap. I could not see the merciless murderer behind me, but I knew he would be on my trail.

I scraped at the sides of the gap to make it bigger so that I would be able to fit through it. Behind me the ruthless killer had turned the corner. His big, bulging eyes narrowed when I looked up at him. I worked as hard as ever, knowing my life was depending on this hole in the wall.

The next thing I knew I was side by side with him. I didn’t have to think about what my next move should be so I leapt into the hole. I struggled a bit but…I had got out!

I could hear the monster raging and I was glad I was safe. Then I suddenly wondered:



Spooky stuff! Well done, Jack!

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