Monster Story Competition Winners!

In November, we ran a competition, asking for budding writers to send in their response to our problem – we’d met a monster but couldn’t remember what it looked like. We asked for your suggestions in the form of illustrations and a short story about the monster.

We were very impressed by the high quality of the entries we received, and would like to thank all who took part. We are now pleased to be able to announce the two winners.

From Key Stage 1:
Katie O, from Gilbertstone Primary, Birmingham, for her monster ‘Spike’ and his brilliant parrot friend, ‘Copy Spike’! Your story really made us smile.

Screen Shot 01-09-15 at 11.56 AM

‘Spike’ by Katie O

From Key Stage 2:
Eamon O, from Eversfield Prep, Solihull, for his imaginative monster ‘Ketchup’, created by a science experiment gone terribly wrong! Your story made us want to read more about Professor Broccoli…

Screen Shot 01-09-15 at 11.52 AM

‘Ketchup’ by Eamon O

Congratulations to both of our winners! Your monsters and their stories really captured our imaginations! Our illustrator will soon be finished working with your images, and as soon as they are complete we will present them to you.

Keep writing!
Reginald and Rufus Write

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